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1st Day of School

August 31, 2011

Last Thursday was the 1st day of school for my kids.  The younger two were very excited to start school, my oldest, not so much. When the morning came though Hailey (starting K) was very nervous and it was a very good thing she had her brothers there or I think she would of clung to me for dear life. After school that day I took her out for lunch and she talked my ear off about school. Later that night I ask her if she was ready to go back tomorrow, her response, “nah, it is not really my thing.” I sure hope it becomes her thing. The boys they are very vague on there answers of school. Logan is a very go with the flow type of kid… I have tried to hard to get him excited about stuff and I think he cares, but to get him excited about anything is a chore. Gabe, my oldest has always struggled with school. Too many directions or list and he is done for. He may remember one of them, but other then that he doesn’t.

Here is the picture on our back steps of the first day of school. I hope it is a great year for my kids and they absorb and learn a lot.

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