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Our State’s Capital

February 9, 2011

We visited Pierre, SD this weekend for a Squirt hockey tournament. I had never been to Pierre, as I am from MN and have only lived in SD for 5 years. Up until I met someone from South Dakota I had only been to Mitchell (to see the corn palace) and the Black Hills, both on a family vacation when I was 11. I would have to say Pierre was a pretty cool place surrounded by hills.

This is South Dakota’s state capital. I think Gabriel did a great job taking this picture out of our trucks window. Maybe next time we come to visit we will dare to venture closer and maybe inside.

Right next to the capital was this little pond loaded with geese and ducks. It was nice enough to roll down the widows for a little while and enjoy the sounds. This time of year you just don’t hear much wildlife in Watertown.

The geese were also taking advantage of the gain dropped by the train cars.

We had a great weekend of hockey and enjoying the wildlife. On the way there and back we seen many deer and pheasants. We did pray that they are finding enough food in all of this snow.

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