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Looking Back…

July 31, 2010

I thought about this when I turned twenty, looking back at the changes of the last ten year. This time I thought I would write it down. So here I go, in no particular order.

1) I went from having one child to having four children

2) I breastfed a child 5.5 years out of the last ten

3) I was pregnant or breastfeeding 7.5 years of the last ten

4) I went from single(at 20) to married to my husband for just over 7 years

5) I moved 4 times in the past ten years, three of them being in the course of a 6 month period

6) I worked for the first 5 years of my twenties and spent the last 5 home with my amazing children and now have been searching for a job for the past 6 months

7) At 20 I had no idea how to grocery shop, menu plan and cook. Now trips to the grocery store are done at least weekly, menus are planned almost weekly and I cook at least 2-3 times a day.

8) I went from taking pictures with a 35 mm camera to taking pictures on a digital camera

9) In the past 10 years Todd and I have owned 4 computes

10) I went from thinking Todd’s gaming was nuts (Diablo) to actually playing the games with him (World of Warcraft) for the past almost 4 years.

11) I finished my Bachelor of Arts majoring in Biology from the College of St. Catherine, which became St. Catherine University last year.

12) I lived in two states and three cities.

13) We have owned 7 vehicles, but two of them were given to us and only lasted a matter of months.

14) We have 3 dogs (Whitney we have had for almost 8 years, 1 we had to give away when we moved and the last was one that we were holding until we could find her a great home)

15) 2 Leopard Geckos (they past after we made the mistake of feeding them wild crickets)

16) a few fish (the kids always thought they needed more food)

17) a cat (she was found in a hay bail when she was 2 weeks old and we took her in and nursed her along. She is now a three year old pain in the head. She likes to jump off the dressers on to your head)

18) I added to my hobby of photography adding people and not just things

19) I started scrap booking (it has been put on hold as my house is too full to time the space and time for it)

20) I started card making and stamping, also put on hold for now

21) I started sewing again. I sewed when I was younger until I cut in half an almost finished outfit I was trying to make.  I have now started again and have regain my confidence.

22) I set two ovens on fire (one was a grease fire, I did not know you had to clean the oven and the other was electrical) Both were contained to the ovens.

23) I set off fireworks for the first time. For Todd and I’s 5th anniversary we went out to the lake and set off fireworks.

24) I went from just having an almost 1 year old to having an almost 11 year old, 6 year old, 4 year old and an almost 2 year old.

25) I was 50 lbs lighter 10 years ago (yikes) I am working on changing this one.

26) Used to eat out like it was meal planning, now eat out as a special treat.

27) Ten years ago I still lived with my parents, now I live 4 hours from my parents.

28) I went from have a job and thinking I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up to not having the slightest idea.

29) At 20 I was so busy with work, school and my son that I forgot to take the time for the little things, the past few years has giving me some of that time and for that I am grateful.

30) at 20 I did not need to work out, now is a different story and I spend a part of most of my days running, walking or biking.

Now there are many things that stayed the same too, but it is just crazy to think about all that changed is ten short years and how that time seems to go by so fast.

Happy Weekend!

**photo was taken by my 2 year old**

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