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Garden Update:

July 14, 2010

The pictures below are from my garden this year. My garden is the side of the length of the garage and about two feet out. There were peas planted in two spots. The first spot produced food for the wildlife as they were all eaten. They cam the squash. Out of a packet of seeds I ended up with three plants that look great and have not been touched so far. Next we have my free 12 tomato plants. They are during alright, as they were planted late in the season and the leaves keep getting eaten off. We do have some tomatoes that are starting to turn red. The bean, which are after the tomatoes, are looking good and we have (well Hailey and Logan found one bean) gotten one bean so far. Only three bean plants made it also and they also have not been touched be any wildlife… so far.  My other spot of peas is next to the beans. They were getting eaten like crazy until I gave up and let the weeds grow in that area. They have now grown back and are flowering. We are still hoping for some peas this year.

The picture of the rainbow was taken last Saturday morning. It was dark and rainy on three sides but opposite of the rainbow was a beautiful sunrise. I could not see the sunrise, but was told over the phone by my husband. I did get to see part of the rainbow though.

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