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Shu-Shu-Shucking Corn

July 2, 2010

We ate our first batch of corn on Wednesday. The guy we buy it from is at the same spot every year and has amazing corn.  Yes, we pay more then if we were to get it from the grocery store, but I don’t think I have ever bought corn on the cop from the grocery store. There is just something about corn on the cob that has to be bought from a stand. It was great and went well with the Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad I made.

This last week I have also been making a lot of first. We have had steak/potato kabobs. We ran out of beef and well it is really expensive when bought at the grocery store, so I tried kabobs as a way to use one pound of steak and feed 6 of us.  It worked out well and will be tried again. Hopefully when we are able to get more beef, but I do not know if my family can go that long with out it.

Also tried my hand at hot oatmeal. Todd wanted some and I did not have any, but did have quick oats. It cooked up nice and the cinnamon and raisins I add made it smell wonderful, but I did not add any sugar. I was told, after none of the kids would eat more then a few bites that it did not taste right. oops, I guess I will know for next time or maybe know to look up a recipe first. I think is also might be that it was a first for them and well it was different then that instant stuff already mixed for you.

My last little endeavor was granola. I only had sunflower seeds to add to it this time, but next time I will be adding more. I thin I also over baked it a little. I started it and then had to go pick up Gabriel from golf, drop an application off and pick Logan up from Reading group and well when I got home it was a little on the done side. I was not expecting to be gone that long, but it is still edible and the recipe will be made again.

This week I also made myself plan out the main part of suppers and make a shopping list. This has made this week fun with not having to run to the store every night and trying new recipes. I really need to keep this up and not push it by the way side again. Having ideas that have everything I need in the house also makes dinner time so much less stressful. Some day I will learn, I hope.

Update on the garden: Peas-the rabbits have eaten them almost to the ground. I have to let the weeds grow in that part of the garden so they stop eating them. Beans- started to flower this week and we have three plants that look promising. Squash-also started to flower this week and also have three plants that look promising. Yesterday I was able to add 12 tomato plants to the mix as the greenhouses are shutting down and trying to get rid of stuff. I ended up paying nothing for them and 8 of them have tomatoes on them already. I was very excited about this as they are a hybrid of a cherry and grape tomato, so I can not wait to taste them. Cherry Tomatoes are my favorite, so I am hoping more like that one.

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  1. July 2, 2010 10:03 am

    I agree, corn fresh from the farm or garden tastes so much better than the stuff at the grocery store.

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