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Breastfeeding, My Experience

June 11, 2010

I seen this on Facebook and it got me reflecting on my own breast (utter) feeding experience. Just a little background, I nursed all four of my children. There was only three days that one of my children had formula and that was Gabriel when he was first born.

Gabriel was born with a cyst on his tongue and after the surgery to drain it the nurses thought it would be best if he did not try nurse and did not let me try. That changed when I got home and my mom encouraged and helped me and that was the end of formula feeding for him. At 14 months I had to stop, so I could get my tonsils out.

Four and a half years later I had Logan. He was nursed for 18 months and weaned himself. It might have had something to do with me being 3 months pregnant with Hailey, but we will say it was all him. He was also my boy that would only drink from one of the breast shaped bottles, no other bottle would do and trust me we tried a lot of them. I was still in college and working at the time and as much as I worked my schedule out to where he did not need then to often, there were still those times.

Hailey was born two days shy of two years after Logan. When she came along I was done with college and staying home with the kids. She was the one that never quite got use to a bottle or baby food for that matter. She nurse exclusively till she was 18 months old, then with in a week she stopped nursing, started eating and potty trained. I think it was a shock to me that she could changed just like that. Heh, two months later I found out I was pregnant with Malia. I think Hailey grew up a little too fast for me to adjust to not having a baby around, so we had to fill those shoes again 😉

Then there is Malia. She is almost 22 months old. She also hated bottles, but she figured if mom is always around and will alway come back for me, who needs an alternative. She made going out for some grown-up time a little difficult, as there was always a time restraint. As we started trying baby food with here we found out she was sensitive to wheat, oats and dairy. She can now have dairy and bits of oats, but still has trouble with wheat. This made feeding here troublesome sometimes as most finger foods have wheat in them. She never reacted to my breast milk and I think that is a reason she is still nursing today. It is a safe food for her. I do not know how long she will continue for. Gabriel I needed to quit and the other two, well I let them decide that.

This brings me back to the picture. I breastfed all my children past a year and I think the only time I did not get a rude comment from some when it when they were under the age of 6 months. I remember going out to eat with Todd when Gabriel was about 10-11 months old and he wanted to be fed. There as a group of people sitting a across from us also with a baby (there was a new born) and as I was feeding Gabriel, I hear, ” OMG, look what that lady is doing. You know that is what they invented the bottle for.” They continued this conversation among the group of them during our meal. I think they thought I could not hear them. I think I could have taking this experience and let is turn me away from breastfeeding, instead I think it empowered me to keep on nursing and show other women and it is a perfectly natural experience.

I would also have to disclose that this is what works for me. I love convenience and to me breastfeeding can not be any more convenient. I have watched kids that are formula fed and it is a lot of work, making the bottles, washing the bottles and then making sure you do not run out of formula, I am much to lazy for that. Kind of the same reason I cloth diapered… all about convenience.

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  1. themakinglife permalink
    June 16, 2010 4:53 pm

    I breastfed Adeline til she weaned herself at 18 months. We substituted with a little formula right away because the nurses at the hospital told us to, but I soon realized it was unnecessary. She never would take a bottle either, which did limit my “me time,” but if I could do it over I wouldn’t change a thing. I breastfed in public all the time and I never used a nursing cover . . . fortunately I never overheard any comments about it (though I’m sure there were some I just didn’t hear). I love your observation that breastfeeding and cloth diapers are more convenient — I completely agree! 🙂

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