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Zippered Lap Top Sleeve

May 10, 2010

My brother wanted a sleeve to protect his computer when it is not in use… this is what I came up with and how I made it. This is to be used when I computer is off and next time I think I am going to put in a layer of vinyl or use some iron on vinyl to protect it from water.


-4 pieces of fabric*2 for outside and 2 for liner* (Length + height+ 1/2 inch seam X Width + height +1/2 seam)

-two pieces quilt batting 1 inch smaller then fabric measurement.

-zipper the length of the fabric (opening to fit your lap top)

-print out of a letter you want appliquéd on

-scrap of liner fabric

-small square of Heat N’ Bond

Iron the Heat N’ Bond onto you scrap of fabric. Tape your paper letter print out on to your fabric scrap and using scissors and/or craft knife to cut out paper and fabric.

Iron on the letter to one piece of the outside fabric where you want it (remember to leave room for your seams)

Sew around the letter. I used a straight stitch as close to the sides as possible.

Now take the lining fabric and quilt batting and center the batting on the wrong of the lining fabric and stitch lines across the two fabrics about 1 -1 1/2 inches apart.

This is a better view on the lines, this helps hold the quilt batting in place when everything in sewing together.

Next you are going to want to attach you zipper foot on your machine and sandwich your fabric as follows: liner fabric right side up, zipper right side up and outside wrong side down. sew along zipper. This took me a little while to figure out, this was the first time I did not have to fight the sandwich to sew it together.

Top stitch both outside and liner right next to the zipper. This will keep you fabric from getting caught in the zipper then you are done.

Unzip the zipper about 3/4 of the way. Match up right sides together your liner on one side and you outside on the other. Sew around the big rectangle leaving a 4-6 inch opening on the bottom of the liner. When you sew by the zipper make sure you get as close to the ends of the zipper, but staying on the outside parts of the zipper.

Turn the sleeve right side out and sew the bottom of the liner closed, where it was open the sides should turn in so there is no raw edge showing. Push the liner back in and slide you lap top on in.

Here is is done… I can not wait to give it to him. I will be making more of these for sure.

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  1. themakinglife permalink
    May 11, 2010 5:08 pm

    Very cool. I love the polka dots. Where do you usually buy your fabric? Now if only I had a laptop so I could make one for myself!

  2. May 12, 2010 6:42 am

    Yes, I would love a laptop too, I dream of sitting outside in the sun playing on the computer, hehe… I think it would be more like the computer sitting in the sleeve outside while I played with the kids.

    I get most of my fabric from Jo-Ann’s when I am in SF or in the cities. In a pinch I go to Wal-Mart. My mom gave me a huge box of fabric she had bought, but never got around to using, so I have been using lots of that too.

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