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Christmas Makings…

January 4, 2010
I could not show some of these before Christmas due to them being presents, but I though I would share some of the gifts I made this year. I for got to take pictures of all of them.

I made these for some of my gifts this year. They had different names and saying of course. They were 8x10s and put into a thin bordered frame.

Here we have 12 pairs of pajama pants, 8 appliquéd t-shirts and a high-chair cover I made for my sister. The pajamas were given as gifts and the high-chair cover was for an old wooden high chair that was in need of some cushion. I later made the second high chair cover for her other high chair.
I also made fleece I spy bags, crayon rolls and make-up bags to give as other presents (those were the ones I forgot to get pictures of). They turned out great. I used a mixture of tutorials, I found on the web. Pick out what I liked about each one, added my take on it and came up with some great presents. I will defiantly be making more of them and hopefully remembering to take pictures. I also whipped up some cup cozies, but those were more of a distraction job for me then anything. They also turned out great after a few changes.
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